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Room Escape Game in Linz

EXIT THE ROOM Linz, is a new, exciting, fun and entertaining LIVE ROOM ESCAPE GAME in the city of Linz which offers very special and unique experience for teams of 2 to 6 people. The goal is simple yet challenging:
To escape from the room in 60 minutes or less.
This new intellectual challenge, is a journey through the puzzles in a mysterious world and a truly thrilling race against time. You can only win if you work as a team. You can find us at Klammstraße 3, 4020 Linz.


    Are you capable of breaking codes, and solving puzzles? Or you are an experienced online strategy or game player?
    The Exit The Room is the fun and interactive live event we created just for you!

  • Students

    Come with your friends and put yourself to the test in this unbelliviable gripping game.
    In high school and college you have to focus entirely on learning. At The Exit The Room we encourage you to focus only on the ultimate fun! Come with your friends and put yourself to the test in this unbelievably gripping game!

  • Family and Friends

    One team, 60 minutes, 1 mission and you will need teamwork, to escape!
    This is perfect program for friends and families and those looking for something
    entirely different. Bachelorette and Bachelor parties will never be the same again!
    Date Night just took on a whole new twist! Family get together, birthday and anniversary
    celebrations or looking for a great time out? Movie Night is in the past, be a real hero,
    challenge yourself and have great fun at Exit The Room!


    Need a perfect 60 minute team building event? The Exit The Room is the perfect place! Do you want a totally new superbly enjoyable and exciting program which doesn't need any preparation? Proven to be successful for both the business and the employees? The Exit The Room delivers!


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